Machine writing is the creation of prose and poetry through algorithms and computational methods.

In the past, most people have thought of machine writing as the methodical, equation-driven work of groups such as Oulipo. Recent years has seen the form expand into cyberworlds unknown. In 2016, the short film Sunspring was produced, using a script written by an AI.

Some machine writers might use a program to re-order or randomise parts of their work, while others (such as thricedotted when composing The Seeker)gather information from the internet to create their own bizarre, poetic and often mind-melting novels.

The world of machine writing is expanding, and no matter where you get started, you’ll likely get lost. But that’s half the fun. For my money, as good a starting point as any is the collection of 2015 NaNoGenMo (National Novel Generation Month) entries.