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Here is a semi-regularly updated list of my publications and projects. These include my Academic work, as well as other bits and bobs I’m happy with. Occasionally, drafts and concepts will appear on my Github and Itch.io accounts.


Platforms Don’t Float (2019)

Platforms Don’t Float is a short “platformer” game made in Twine. How does that work? I’m still not entirely sure, or even if it does. But I had fun making it, and hope you have fun playing it, too! Check it out here.

Bots (2018)

I’ve made a couple of weird Twitterbots. They are:

Barista Bot

A bot which generates bizarre coffee orders. Have a read of them here.

Spill Bot

If you live in Australia, it’s a bit hard to keep track of who the Prime Minister is. My bot will generate a new Prime Minister every day! Check it out here.

Citizens[] (2017)

Written for NaNoGenMo 2017, Citizens[] is a monolithic novel that charts the ever-evolving immigration policies of “The Nation”. As more and more people are accepted into the country, the algorithm-in-charge starts to enforce stricter immigration policies. However, would-be citizens with enough cash can always buy their way in.

You can check out the novel or the script that generated it on GitHub.

Touchdown: Armour League (In production)

I previously worked as a Narrative Designer for Touchdown: Armour League, helping to write lore for the game. The project was originally developed by Ares Games, but is now being worked on by MegaMash Entertainment. You can keep track of the project via their Facebook page.

Sins of the Father (2012)

My capstone project for my undergraduate degree. A short, shlocky sci-fi romp. Published by The Quarry Journal, and available to read here.

Barfight! (2012)

As part of my game design course, I created a beat ’em up game called Barfight!. The game was made in GameMaker, with all code (GML) and graphics created by me. There is a lot I would change about it if I could, but warts and all, you can play it here.


Poetics of the Machine: Machine writing and the AI literature frontier (2019) – PhD thesis

I actually did it! My PhD thesis explores machine writing, first by charting a history of sorts from OuLiPo and The Beats through to Twitterbots, Kenji Siratori and more. I then explored the relatively unique poetics the form brings to literature, wrapping up with a discussion of some of the potentials and consequences of the form. The whole thing can be read here.

Let’s play OuLiPo: Machine writing practice as play (2019)

I gave a paper at DIGRA Australia’s 2019 conference, “Game studies: What’s next?”. I discussed how machine writing practices, ranging from OuLiPo to Benjamin Grosser’s ScareMail can be best understood through the lens of game studies. The abstract as it appeared in the conference schedule can be seen here.

The Poet’s Other Self: Studying Machine Writing through the Humanities (2017)

A conference paper given as part of NewMac’s Humanities conference. The paper explores how Machine Writing practices can be used to better understand writers by remixing their work. I demonstrate this through Mathews’ Algorithm and The Raven. You can read the paper here.


I have written for a number of journalistic outlets over the years. Here are some of my favourites.

HEAVY Music Magazine (2014-2016)

I contributed to HEAVY Music Magazine in both print and digital form from 2014-2016. My online reviews and interviews can be read here. Perhaps the article I’m most proud of is my review of Black Sabbath’s final tour.

For the print magazine, I wrote a number of reviews and interviews. I also penned a regular column, Past Blasters, where I took a look at the history of bands. My final Past Blasters article can be found in Issue 18.

The Music (2014-2016)

I wrote for The Music’s website (with my articles making it into the street press occasionally) for a couple of years, mainly covering albums. My reviews can be found here.

Human Capital and HR Director (2013-2014)

My first taste of “real” journalism was with Key Media’s Human Capital. I wrote primarily for the website, but was lucky enough to be involved with the magazine’s relaunch as HR Director magazine. Some of my articles can be found here.

Other content

Macquarie University’s Website (2016-2017)

I was lucky enough to be part of the Web Transformation Project, a University-wide project focused on recreating the Macquarie University website from the ground-up. The project was challenging, but I got to work with an all-star team of content writers, editors, SEO specialists and more. I learnt a lot as part of this project, and am proud that the work of my team is still a part of the website.