10257201_395984103889104_1604063941797545707_oUncanny  Machines is the online home for me, Cameron Edmond.

I’m a writer, botmaker, and media critic, currently working as a Research Fellow at UNSW’s EPICentre (Expaned Perception and Interaction Centre).

My reserach focuses on exploring the cultural impact of AI-generated media, videogames and other forms of (mainly digital) media and literature.

In the past, my work ranged from music journalism and history (Fashion Industry Broadcast’s Masters of Music series, HEAVY Music Magazine and TheMusic.com.au) to game reviews and fiction (Youtube channel HIHU and The Quarry Journal).

In my spare time, I dig creative coding. I’m not very good at it, but that’s okay.

My passion for music has seen me hold down the low-end and bookings for Sydney’s Blacksmith. I’ve slung T-shirts for Nightwish, Sabaton, Obituary and more, while also designing posters for Sydney’s underground metal scene. I’m very lucky to have had my work grace hundreds of magazines, webpages and venue walls.

Former blogs:

Absolute Power

The Electric Eye